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James Sawyer (Sammy's Daddy) 1931-2000

Sammy as Barney Fife

My daddy was the funniest person that I have ever met. He wasn't a comedian by any means, but could say and do things that would absolutely put you in stitches. In fact I will never be able to do Barney nearly as good as my daddy could if he had wanted to. The best part is that he really didn't even have to work at it because it was just him and it came natural. One of my daddy's loves was law enforcement and in the 1970's he became the Chief of Police in Norris, Tennessee. Now as a tribute to my daddy and a request from my mama, the revolver that I use at some of my appearances is a 1966 model 10 Smith & Wesson that my daddy carried for years.   
(Sammy Sawyer)